About Us

Carrie & Seash launched in 2017 by Carrie Barnes and Seashols Barnes-Poppler, a mother and daughter artist team. Now based in Brentwood, TN, Carrie & Seash is a custom art and design company. Carrie & Seash started out working with clients to create custom paintings and textiles. They now design their own seasonal collection of shift dresses for moms and girls designed and made in Los Angeles, CA. 

While Seashols was growing up, her Mom, Carrie, nurtured her artistic talents as they sketched, painted, designed, and printed textiles. Seashols majored in Advertising at Southern Methodist University with a minor in art. After graduating she worked at Deutsche Bank in Dallas, Texas for three years before moving to Baton Rouge, LA and then Brentwood, TN. Carrie & Seash designed everything for Seashols wedding in May 2016 which sparked the creation of Carrie & Seash. Carrie is known for her painting, furniture-making, luthier skills, gardening, landscape design, and even golf course design renderings early on in her career for her father Roy Dye and uncle Pete Dye.

A few of their past clients have been D-Magazine, Venzedits, Dallaswardrobe, InRegesiter Magazine, Dondolo, The Essential Market, Beatriz Ball and Miracle Milkookies. 

Live life watercolorfly!